Key Use Cases for AppScale

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, AppScale helps you move forward

AppScale is hybrid cloud software that allows you to deploy AWS workloads in any environment (on-premises, in a colocation facility, BMaaS) at a wide range of sizes (from one node to many racks). AppScale has been used in a great variety of situations, from a VMware substitute to an air-gapped AWS region, to a building block for Kubernetes. The following use cases are particularly common.

Cost Savings: reduce your AWS bill up to 70%

 A central use case for AppScale is to help any company with substantial AWS expenses reduce its AWS cost. AppScale offers AWS-compatible services at a TCO that is up to 70% less than AWS’s public cloud services without requiring companies to sacrifice the ability to leverage AWS public cloud services whenever they need to. What’s more, AppScale is not just about lowering overall costs: because AppScale pricing is based on consistent monthly fees without any charges for data egress or API calls, users enjoy expenses that are much more predictable than those of AWS.

AWS-Compatible Dev/Test

AppScale is a great fit for organizations that need an affordable and secure environment for developing and testing applications that will be deployed into the AWS public cloud. With AppScale, your organization can run a Dev/Test environment that is fully compatible with the core AWS services without exposing your code to the internet or having to pay AWS hosting costs while you write and test your app. Instead, you can keep everything on your own infrastructure and migrate your workload to the AWS public cloud as soon as it’s ready. Conversely, AppScale also caters to Dev/Test use cases where companies develop applications in AWS but need to deploy them in a more secure location for compliance purposes. With AppScale, you can take advantage of whichever AWS-based development and testing services you wish, then deploy to an AWS-compatible environment that runs on your own infrastructure.

Build an Air Gapped/Disconnected AWS region

Run AWS workloads on an AppScale powered environment when a disconnected operation (air gap) is either a requirement or a situational factor (e.g. poorly connected areas). Air-gap workloads for total security and compliance​: users can disconnect their AWS workloads entirely from the Internet if they wish, while still retaining the ability to transfer them into an AWS public region seamlessly when the time comes to do so. By air gapping AWS workloads, AppScale customers achieve a level of privacy and security that the AWS public cloud just can’t match. 

Data Control, Security & Compliance

Organizations want to embrace innovative AWS cloud technology but one of the biggest risks of committing to an entirely public cloud solution is that customers surrender control of their data. Organizations have to ensure that sensitive data is organized and managed in such a way as to adhere to data policies along with legal and governmental data regulations, policies, and standards. With a fully dedicated and independent AWS region (powered by AppScale) your organization gets full control over the placement of data and 100 % transparent insight into what's going on behind the scenes.

  • Regulatory requirements: Some businesses and public sector bodies must store or process data in a particular geographical location, to comply with legislative or regulatory demands.
  • Contractual requirements: Organizations may have contractual agreements with their customers that require data to be stored or processed in a specific geographical location.
  • Corporate policies: Businesses or government organizations might specify that certain data must be stored or processed in a specified location.
Cloud Vendor Diversification

Getting locked into a relationship with AWS can be a difficult and costly experience for many organizations. An AWS hybrid cloud should deliver a consistent developer and deployment experience across public and private cloud but proprietary solutions like Outposts are augmenting your organization's vendor lock-in risk. Maintain freedom of choice, avoid single-vendor lock-in and run your workloads where it makes the most business sense without requiring the use of different APIs/technologies. AppScale provides a consistent AWS experience across your public & private environment. 

AWS Workload Performance Augmentation

Applications can leverage the benefits of AWS services while processing data locally to minimize bandwidth usage. Migrate complex legacy workloads without affecting performance or customer experience.

Data access latencies may be important for your organization: in some cases, latencies need to be bound to ensure a smooth experience (gaming for example) and other times latencies are imposed by geographical conditions. Public Cloud data transmission/transfers can be affected by spikes in use across the internet. If application performance is a deal-breaker for you, running your AWS workload locally on private infrastructure without decreasing performance or end customer experience can be the solution you're looking for. 

Cloud-native workloads at the edge

Run AWS services a the edge to process data at close proximity to where the data is being produced. Run similar tools against known sets of APIs (control plane) to manage hybrid environments both at the edge and in the cloud.