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Create a private AWS region outside of the public cloud without any code modification

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"AppScale's API compatibility is lightyears ahead of the competition"
John Gallucci, Director of IT, BAE Defense systems

Product Overview

AppScale software allows you to turn dedicated infrastructure into private AWS regions. With a flexible installation and a customizable configuration, AppScale runs on virtually any infrastructure, be it from a service provider, bare-metal or on-premise. Each deployment exposes dedicated AWS API endpoints that can be used by any software and workloads that run on or use core infrastructure services from AWS public cloud.  Since each deployment of AppScale is self-contained, different policies or rules can apply. For example, a deployment can be completely isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public internet, creating an air-gapped AWS environment that doesn’t require external connections. 

  • Proven and time-tested software deployed at large scale (>300k cores)

  • Flexible configuration conforms to various infrastructures and use cases

  • AppScale and its partners offer various levels of support to fit your needs

Technical Overview

AppScale leverages the same   APIs you already know

AppScale deployments expose AWS API endpoints which can be used by any software or AWS workloads using such APIs. For example, AppScale does not implement any client CLI to interact with a deployment but it uses the AWS CLI tools which can be configured with different profiles to interact with AWS regions and AppScale deployments at the same time. AppScale also implements an easy to use GUI (the AppScale console) for the end user, and an administrator CLI to allow for admin operations (set limits, retire old nodes, extend deployments, migrate workloads).

  • Easy to Install and Manage

  • High-Fidelity Implementation of AWS IaaS APIs

  • Auto-Scaling of Instance Groups & Load Balancing for instances

  • Declarative Resource Specification via CloudFormation

  • Multiple Availability Zones & IAM federation across regions

  • Instance Network Isolation (VPC)

  • GUI Management Console & AWS Ecosystem tools

AppScale Benefits

  • Run AWS-native workloads under your control

  • Deploy cloud-native workloads at the edge

  • Maintain data ownership

  • Utilize AWS ecosystem tools in any environment

  • Maintain development & operational efficiency

  • Optimize infrastructure costs & manageability

Platform Features

  • Compute
    • Self-service VM provisioning
    • AutoScaling of Instance groups
    • Metric collection from VMs
    • Image/template ingress from AWS
    • Templating & Orchestration (CloudFormation)
  • Storage
    • Network-attached block storage for instances
    • General-purpose scalable object storage
    • Configurable backends: file system, Ceph, Redhat. 
  •  Network
    • Dynamic & Flexible IP addresses allocation
    • Flexible network topologies
    • Instance network isolation (VPC)
    • Load Balancing for instances
    • Integration with existing networks
  •   Resource Management
    • Accounts, user, and group management
    • AD/LDAP synchronization
    • Quotas and resource access policies
    • Multiple Availability Zones & IAM federation across Regions
  • Interface
    • GUI Management Console
    • AWS Compatible API & Services
    • AWS Ecosystem tools
  • Administration
    • Easy to install and manage
    • Detailed component monitoring
    • Detailed usage and capacity reporting
    • Live migration of instances for hardware maintenance

Ready to move your AWS workload?

How can AppScale help you?

Three steps to get a POC going and getting your closer to save on your bill:

  1. Call us to help select the workload
  2. With the details of your workload we'll size the deployment
  3. Select the environment to host your workload
Become a trusted partner to benefit from AppScale today. With flexible deployment strategies allows for a wide variety of configurations, and service levels to implement any AWS hybrid solution. Check out our use cases page or our solutions page for more details on how to use and deploy AppScale.