Hybrid Cloud Whitepapers

How to Navigate Today's Hyrbid Cloud Landscape -- And Why to Choose AppScale

The future will be built around hybrid cloud, which is much cheaper, more agile, and more secure than public cloud alone. Learn how AppScale's open-source hybrid cloud platform can drive your migration from public cloud to hybrid.

A Better AWS Hybrid Cloud: Thinking Beyond Outposts

Hybrid cloud frameworks like Outposts look good on paper, but they are tremendously expensive and inflexible in practice. Learn why AppScale offers a much more affordable hybrid cloud solution that offers even better performance and flexibility than Outposts.

How AppScale Gives You The Best of AWS, Without The Drawbacks

Migrating to AppScale doesn't mean going back to square one. Learn how you can drop your existing workloads into AppScale with virtually no need for refactoring, new workflows or new skillsets. You can even take your AWS tools with you, because AppScale offers full compatibility with AWS native tooling.

Migrating To AppScale: What To Expect and How to Get Started

Getting started with AppScale is simple and fast. Start with a test deployment, then scale up to migrate your production workloads within a matter of months.