Innovation Advisory Board


It’s an Exciting Time to Join the AppScale Innovation Advisory Board

AppScale is a pioneer in helping companies reduce their cloud costs while improving network control, privacy, security – and transparency. Much of any given company’s potential is dependent upon the level of transparency that governs its core operations. As of mid-2020, core operations are increasingly cloud-based: be it public, private, or hybrid. In fact, Gartner ranks the public cloud market at $3330B annually, providing seamless AWS-compatible solution options as the fastest growing sector (otherwise known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) at 26% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).


Be Part of the Solution

AppScale can be controlled from within AWS’ Command Line Interface (CLI). It’s seamless. Users can’t tell the difference between AWS and AppScale. Companies can now leverage past AWS investments in people, information, and technology – while saving 30-60%.

Transparency Matters

Especially in Opaque Markets

As IT leaders know, one should avoid vendor lock-in, especially with core operations. But the opposite has largely come true in the world of AWS cloud services. Where does your data physically reside while it’s with Amazon?  Are these out-of-state or out-of-country transmissions acceptable? If I want to extract all my data from Amazon, why do I pay large egress fees? You might think: I can understand why my spikey-volume cloud traffic gets billed at such high AWS rates, but are there no options to run test, dev, and core operations at a lower cost?

For the first time, the answer is yes.

Membership Roles

We Offer Numerous Advisory Roles 

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisors help define specific application use cases, advise on market conditions, and directly engaged in revenue expansion.

Thought Leader
Thought leaders are writers, analysts, and media commentators participating in one of the many member activities:

  • authoring white papers, reports, articles’
  • presents at industry conferences
  • interviews with media and analysts

Special Advisor
Special advisors are sales professionals, Ph.D. students, or those with specialized skills seeking project work.

NEXT STEP: Please work with your AppScale representative to customize your board role. Positions may be paid or unpaid.