Multi cloud native.

Serverless by design.

NoOps as a first principle.


The AWS-compatible cloud Now supported by AppScale

AppScale is an easy-to-manage serverless platform for building and running scalable web and mobile applications on any infrastructure. Build your app rapidly for multi cloud deployment.

Multi cloud deployment with AWS
Multi cloud deployment with Google Cloud Platform
Multi cloud deployment with Microsoft Azure
Multi cloud deployment with IBM Cloud
Multi cloud deployment with Alibaba Cloud
Deploy on-premises

AppScale provides you with rapid application development combined with portability to any public cloud or on-prem infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud

Run GAE Apps
in China

Migrate your GAE applications to a public cloud or data center inside China without needing to modify or rewrite code.

Multi Cloud Migration

Migrate GAE Apps
Between Clouds

Enable application portability to any public cloud, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, and more.

Serverless Platform

Bring GAE
Apps On-prem

Meet security, privacy, and other regulatory compliance requirements by bringing your GAE application on-premises.

AppScale benefits developers, operations, and the organization with a serverless platform for multi cloud deployment.

Chico’s FAS

Cloud migration from Google App Engine to mainland China with no modification or proxy servers.


Cloud-native application enabled for on-premises deployments for better security and control.


Hybrid cloud implementation for paid and freemium customers to reduce overall cloud costs.

Teamwork Retail

Cloud migration to Microsoft Azure for improved performance and reliability and developer flexibility.

Successful startups and innovative companies choose AppScale

AppScale serverless platform video

“With AppScale you can run your App Engine app on any physical or cloud infrastructure, wherever you want.”

Miles Ward

Director, Solutions
Google Cloud Platform

Get started with AppScale in 3 easy steps

Install AppScaleInstall AppScale

Install AppScale

Run the AppScale serverless platform on one node or hundreds. Easily set up on Azure, GCE, AWS, Docker, Vagrant, or from Source.

Write your appWrite your app

Write your app

Write your application in Python, Java, Go, or PHP. Point AppScale at your code and we’ll take care of the rest.

Run your appRun your app

Run your app

AppScale will automatically scale your application and manage load balancers for incoming and internal traffic.