AppScale's Pricing Commitments: Flexibility and Consistency


As an AppScale user, you can select from different deployment and pricing options, depending on your needs. Currently, AppScale offers two deployment choices.

Deployment via an AppScale partner

Using this approach, you build your AppScale hybrid cloud with preconfigured infrastructure that is provided by one of AppScale's colocation partners.

Deploying AppScale via AppScale partner infrastructure offers the greatest cost savings because it allows customers to take advantage of infrastructure that is pre-optimized for AppScale. It also eliminates the need for customers to acquire their own servers or other infrastructure: AppScale and its partners provide all the hardware you need.

Deploying AppScale on your own servers

AppScale lets you bring your own infrastructure, too, if you choose. That means that you can keep the hardware you've already invested in.

If you deploy an AppScale hybrid cloud on your own infrastructure, the AppScale team will provide a custom price quote tailored to your hardware configurations.

Flexible contract terms

AppScale customers can choose from 3-, 5- and 7-year contract terms, with lower pricing available for longer-term commitments. You can choose the contract duration that best aligns with your business needs and price point.

Payment discounts

Although AppScale pricing is based on monthly billing installments, customers can cut their hybrid cloud bills even further if they choose to pay annually.


AppScale's pricing takes the guesswork and fluctuations out of cloud billing. It does that in several ways:

  • All-you-can-eat pricing: AppScale charges a flat monthly fee, regardless of the scale of your workloads. You'll always know your exact bill ahead of time, and you don't need to worry about usage fluctuations causing cost fluctuations.
  • No added costs: Unlike public clouds, AppScale doesn't charge extra fees for data egress or API calls.
  • No more CapEx: Because AppScale bundles hardware and software costs into a single package, your monthly bill covers all of your expenses. Say goodbye to intermittent capital expenditures.

AppScale pricing vs. AWS

On average, AppScale users pay 60-70 percent less to host the same workloads than they would when using the AWS cloud alone. And they do this while owning their own hardware, instead of having to share servers with other public cloud users.

Get an AppScale price quote

Because no two clouds are identical, AppScale pricing is customized to your organization's needs and is based on a variety of factors — such as the volume of CPU cores, memory and persistent storage you require.

Contact us to receive a pricing quote tailored to your business.