Create a private AWS region outside of the public cloud without any code modification or retooling

Turn dedicated infrastructure into private AWS regions

With a flexible installation and a customizable configuration, AppScale runs on virtually any infrastructure, be it from a colocation service provider, on bare-metal, or on-premise. Each deployment exposes dedicated AWS API endpoints that can be used by any software and workloads that run on or use core infrastructure services from AWS public cloud. Since each deployment of AppScale is self-contained, different policies or rules can apply. For example, a deployment can be completely isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public internet, creating an air-gapped AWS environment that doesn’t require external connections.

  • Proven and time-tested software deployed at large scale

  • Flexible configuration conforms to various infrastructures and use cases

  • Various levels of support to fit your needs

Technical Overview

AppScale leverages the same AWS APIs you already know.
AppScale deployments expose AWS API endpoints which can be used by any software or AWS workloads using such APIs. For example, AppScale does not implement any client CLI to interact with the deployment but it uses the AWS CLI tools which can be configured with different profiles to interact with AWS regions and AppScale deployments at the same time. AppScale also implements an easy-to-use GUI (the AppScale management console) for the end-user, and an administrator CLI to allow for admin operations (set limits, retire old nodes, extend deployments, migrate workloads). 

Screenshot ATS Management Panel


Run virtual machines using the AWS EC2 API. You can use the same instance types, images and autoscaling configurations on AppScale that you use in AWS itself.


AppScale fully supports the AWS S3 and EBS APIs. Extend AWS object and block storage into a hybrid cloud environment, without having to store data on AWS’s servers unless you choose to.


Use AWS management tools incl. CloudWatch, IAM policies, and CloudFormation. You can also use the AWS CLI to manage AppScale environments or use AppScale’s Web-based console.


Decide which workloads to expose to the public Internet and which to keep on private networks. Isolate workloads using native AWS networking abstractions like VPCs, and manage load-balancing using ELB.

  • Consistent Pricing

    AppScale pricing is based on a flat, monthly billing model, with no extra fees for data egress or API calls. Say goodbye to unpredictable AWS bills.

  • Lower TCO​

    AppScale users report saving as much as 70 percent on their cloud computing bills as compared to AWS alone.

  • Maximum flexibility

    AppScale lets you decide exactly how and where your workloads run. Keep applications and data on your own, private servers when you need them, while retaining the ability to move them into AWS itself -- and back again -- at any time.

  • Unmatched security & compliance​

    AppScale users can disconnect their workloads enitrely from the Internet if they wish, thereby achieving a level of privacy and security that the AWS public cloud just can’t match.

  • Proven, time-tested software

    AppScale is based on Eucalyptus, an open-source platform that has powered hundreds of thousands of production workloads for more than a decade.

A Fully Managed Solution

In addition to providing software for implementing AWS services on your own infrastructure, AppScale offers full-service planning, deployment and management solutions. When you choose AppScale, there’s no guesswork about how to migrate to a hybrid cloud architecture that gives you all the flexibility of AWS, without the drawbacks.

AppScale handles capacity planning, cost and performance optimization and ongoing maintenance for you -- all at a lower cost than the typical AWS customer can achieve when using self-managed AWS services.