AppScale for Service Providers

Colocation / Data Center Service Provider

Drive revenue growth and expand margins: with AppScale as your new product, you’ll be offering a time-tested solution that Business Insider called “brilliant.”

  • Independent yet fully compatible: AppScale avoids AWS lock-in
  • The right product at the right time: reduce end-users AWS bills 50% - 70%
  • Empower your customers with improved data privacy, security, and legal compliance
  • Expand your customer base by tapping into AppScale’s comprehensive “revenue growth” program
  • Fully managed solution: AppScale offers pre-installed racks for a low risk/fast start
  • First-mover advantage: ask about private labeling, co-branding, and our turn-key service

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Managed Service Provider

Drive revenue growth and increase your margins by offering an AWS-compatible private cloud to your customer base and stop letting cloud giants eat your lunch:

  • Enable a better AWS hybrid cloud architecture allowing customers to optimize their AWS workloads between public cloud and an AppScale private cloud
  • Offer custom/on-premise AWS regions at 50-70% lower cost
  • Deliver a fully disconnected ("air-gapped") AWS solution
  • Significantly improve your customer's data privacy, security, and legal compliance
  • Offer innovative cloud technology with a better customer experience and performance

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Bare Metal Provider

Innovate as a Bare Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) provider by expanding your offering footprint to AWS customers and workloads:

  • Enable customers to create an independent AWS region in minutes and manage their AppScale deployment from the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Enable on-demand workloads at a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): empower cost reduction. 
  • First-mover advantage: leverage your customer’s previous investments in AWS talent and technology by offering a low-cost alternative
  • Digital transformation: deliver improved data residency, adaptability, and workload placement control

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Turn your customer's infrastructure into private AWS regions

With a flexible installation and a customizable configuration, AppScale runs on virtually any infrastructure, be it from a colocation service provider, on bare-metal, or on-premise. Each deployment exposes dedicated AWS API endpoints that can be used by any software and workloads that run on or use core infrastructure services from AWS public cloud. Since each deployment of AppScale is self-contained, different policies or rules can apply. For example, a deployment can be completely isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public internet, creating an air-gapped AWS environment that doesn’t require external connections.

  • Proven and time-tested software deployed at large scale

  • Flexible configuration conforms to various infrastructures and use cases

  • Offer your customers various levels of support to fit their needs