Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Hybrid clouds come in many forms and serve different goals. AppScale supports them all. No matter where you're coming from or what you're hoping to get out of a hybrid cloud, AppScale helps you build an agile, secure, cost-effective hybrid AWS environment. With AppScale you get the flexibility to choose a cloud strategy that is the right fit for your business needs.

Dev/Test on AppScale Private Region, Production on AWS

Deploying production version software in AWS is perfect to accommodate for load variance and general growth in usage. Public clouds are great for elasticity. However, given a predictable development-and-test workload, many find that running their CI/CD outside AWS is more cost-effective. Some development teams may prefer to build applications on-premises for security and performance reasons, then deploy them to the public cloud for production.  AppScale enables such development shops to leverage deployment venues outside AWS to lower the cost of R&D, improve performance, and security. 

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Dev/Test on AWS, Production on an AppScale powered AWS Private Region

Many ISVs have embraced AWS for developing, testing, and deploying their software. A portion of their customers, however, may not want to run on AWS (for data sovereignty, latency, disconnected operation, and other reasons). They are asking for a cloud-native and more specifically AWS-native software stack to run in a dedicated environment. In this situation, AppScale delivers the same software in a private venue without the cost of maintaining multiple code-bases or the complications of abstracting the code away from AWS.

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Optimized AWS Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Companies that generate and store a lot of data at multiple industrial locations know that processing all of it in a public cloud is often suboptimal due to high latency between data generators or data storage locations and cloud-based computing. Also, while innovative services from Amazon speed up development, enterprises find the bulk of their cloud spend going to virtual machine deployments (EC2, EBS, VPC, etc). Even with 1- and 3-year reserve pricing many of those workloads can be deployed for significantly less outside the public cloud. Many organizations thus choose to optimize their IT footprint by strategically deploying some parts of the application in AWS and some in a private venue. AppScale minimizes the challenges around that for AWS-native workloads.

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Build a Private Enterprise Cloud using Public Cloud APIs & Services

IT leaders recognize application modernization is critical to business success and want a foundation for cloud capabilities. For 87% of enterprises, hybrid cloud is the preferred strategy however many of the hybrid frameworks fail to live up to their promises. IT teams are challenged by inconsistent data center and cloud operations, making it harder to achieve security, control, portability, and collaboration benefits. In the past, building a private cloud meant moving workloads to a platform like OpenStack or Kubernetes -- technologies that are great for running applications on your own infrastructure, but not so convenient in the event that you need to migrate to a public cloud, whose services don't integrate natively with conventional private cloud platforms. In contrast, AppScale lets you build a private cloud that is fully compatible with the most popular AWS public cloud services. That means you can move workloads directly into AWS if necessary with virtually no effort while keeping the rest in a private cloud that is under your control.

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