Our Story

Democratizing the cloud

Perhaps what resonates the most with enterprises large and small is the fact that AppScale offers a massive price-to-value advantage.

First, AppScale is compatible with 80% of the workloads run on AWS’ core API’s and AppScale offers a fixed price in the form of a monthly flat fee, whereas AWS bills based on metered usage.

This differentiator is key because it means AppScale delivers 100% price transparency.  You know precisely what your monthly cloud cost is.  This means you can project future costs with confidence.  The metered usage model is, by definition, variable.  A complex metered usage model, one that calculates one’s cloud costs not just on how much one uses it but bills different billing rates for different types of usage.  This complex metered usage billing obscures your costs: it is not transparent, and it is nearly impossible to project future cloud costs with confidence.

This alone accounts for why the C-suite is finding such common interest with the tech teams!

But there’s more.

From a technology perspective, AppScale does not require one to give up AWS.  AppScale is a high-fidelity emulation of AWS.  It looks, feels, and acts like AWS.  It is seamlessly interoperable.  In fact, your AppScale instance will look like any other region in AWS.  One can control AppScale using AWS’ Command Line Interface (CLI) and we also deliver a control panel that emulates AWS.

From a technology perspective, one gets to use AppScale for core AWS APIs and to save up to 70% on these workloads and keep AWS for whatever work they so choose.  And since AppScale operates as your own private AWS-compatible cloud, one gets to leverage all past investments in AWS training, people, and cloud infrastructure.  It’s as if you get to keep your AWS cake and eat it too!

Importantly, AppScale doesn’t charge any egress fees.  It’s your data.  You can take it out at any time, for any reason, and a no cost.  This alone is quite a benefit.

In 2019, HP was completing a massive restructuring and exiting of its cloud infrastructure business, and the original founders of AppScale were able to buy it back.  Remember, Eucalyptus (AppScale) was purchased by HP for over $100 million in 2014, with hundreds of millions of dollars further invested to make it the robust AWS-emulation-yet-stand-alone hybrid cloud platform that it is today.

From the very beginning in 2010, our original founders believed that corporations would be better served by keeping their data close to ensure better privacy, compliance, and security.  The thesis was that the world was about to go hybrid: that some workloads should be run in the public cloud and some should be run on your own gear (but with all the interoperability to interact with the public cloud at any time).

It’s a cool thesis if we do say so ourselves!

Ten years ago, we were far too early in our vision for the hybrid cloud market.  Today, we are the leading AWS-compatible private cloud provider.

We invite you to call us to learn more.  We have a lot to offer, and we hope you will join us as we seek to Democratize the Cloud.

Thank you for your time and interest in wanting to read our story.

Respectfully yours,
The AppScale Team