Hybrid cloud use cases for AppScale

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, AppScale helps you move forward

Hybrid clouds come in many forms and serve different goals. AppScale supports them all. No matter where you're coming from or what you're hoping to get out of hybrid cloud, AppScale helps you build an agile, secure, cost-effective environment.

Move to public cloud services, without moving to public cloud infrastructure

AppScale allows you to deploy workloads using the most popular AWS public cloud services -- such as those that power virtual machines and storage -- while keeping those workloads completely on your own infrastructure. If you haven't yet moved to the public cloud due to the cost, privacy and security challenges of public cloud infrastructure, AppScale offers the ideal solution: A hybrid cloud that runs on your own servers, while still giving you access to essential public cloud services.

Move from public cloud to hybrid cloud

Maybe you migrated to the public cloud previously, but now need to move some workloads back to an environment where you have more control over security, privacy, and cost. With AppScale, you can lift-and-shift the workloads you currently have running in the AWS cloud into a hybrid architecture where you control the infrastructure -- without having to modify or reconfigure your existing workloads. AppScale lets you keep the investment you've already made in the public cloud while moving to a more flexible, secure, and cost-effective hybrid strategy.

Optimize hybrid cloud performance

If you're tired of the performance issues that can arise in public cloud architectures due to network bottlenecks, AppScale offers a solution. By allowing you to keep applications and data on your own servers whenever desired, while still taking advantage of AWS's core public cloud services, AppScale gives you the flexibility to design high-performing hybrid architectures. Say goodbye to network bottlenecks -- and to unnecessary egress fees.

Flexible dev/test

Your developers may prefer to build applications on-premises for security and performance reasons, then deploy them to the public cloud. Or, they might develop apps in the cloud but deploy them into a more secure private environment for production. Either way, AppScale gives you what you need to run dev/test on your own terms. Because AppScale uses the same core APIs as AWS, you can develop on-prem and deploy instantly to AWS, or vice versa.

Build a private cloud using public cloud services

In the past, building a private cloud meant moving workloads to a platform like OpenStack or Kubernetes -- technologies that are great for running applications on your own infrastructure, but not so convenient in the event that you need to migrate to a public cloud, whose services don't integrate natively with conventional private cloud platforms. In contrast, AppScale lets you build a private cloud that is fully compatible with the most popular AWS public cloud services. That means you can move workloads directly into AWS if necessary with virtually no effort, while keeping the rest in a private cloud that is under your control.

A hybrid cloud your CFO will love

Unlike most other hybrid cloud frameworks, AppScale doesn't charge fees for egress, API calls or metered usage. You pay a flat, predictable monthly price. And unlike hybrid cloud platforms such as AWS Outposts, AppScale doesn't require you to purchase special hardware: It works with the servers you already own. When you add up all of these savings, you can expect to save up to 70 percent on your total cloud computing bill when using AppScale, as compared to AWS.