Why AppScale?

AppScale’s open source platform combines the benefits of the serverless development model with the application portability to deploy anywhere to any infrastructure.

AppScale is Portable

Public cloud platforms like AWS Lambda, Google App Engine, and Heroku make development easy but lock you into their cloud.

AppScale is Simple

Open source platforms like Cloud Foundry and OpenShift offer portability with high-level APIs across multiple infrastructures but are not easy to operate.

AppScale is Serverless

Platforms like Kubernetes and Nomad also provide portability, but force developers to interact with the complications of lower-level, server-centric abstractions.

Only AppScale delivers a platform where development, deployment, and operations are all made easy. Continue reading below to learn how developers, operations, and the entire business benefit by leveraging AppScale.

AppScale provides serverless benefits with application portability

Developers: rapidly build scalable apps with a serverless platform

AppScale’s serverless benefits include high-level APIs for persistence, asynchronous execution, distributed memory cache, user authentication, and more.

We take care of the “plumbing” work, like service discovery, load-balancing, fault-tolerance, and auto-scaling so you can focus on building the app that scales from day one.

With AppScale, you can focus on the business logic, not the glue code. We let you choose the public cloud with the best features that will help you develop your application rapidly and easily.

  • Build quick prototypes and MVPs with pre-configured services
  • Maintain a consistent environment from laptop to production
  • Scale your application automatically with time-proven serverless APIs
  • Provide a streamlined environment encouraging 12-factor app methodology

Developers receive serverless benefits with AppScale

Operations: provide multi cloud deployment that’s easy to manage

Operations get application portability with AppScale

Just as serverless benefits developers, AppScale benefits IT operations because it is cloud agnostic and can run anywhere, whether on a major public cloud provider like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, or on premises.

We enable application portability from one cloud to another, a best-of-breed approach with multiple cloud services, or hybrid cloud environments.

  • Reduce infrastructure complexity with pre-configured, fully managed dependencies
  • Enable application portability to any cloud using the same toolchain
  • Provide operational transparency with a platform that’s easy to monitor
  • Deliver tunable environments based on the needs of the application

C-Level: decrease time to market, reduce costs, and avoid lock-in

Developing scalable applications that can run anywhere requires a trade-off between speed and cost. With AppScale, you can build apps quickly, deploy them where it makes the most business and financial sense, and benefit from knowing you’ll never be locked into a specific provider.

Your organization will benefit from decreased time-to-market, reduced operational costs, maximized application lifetime, and the flexibility to integrate with new or existing technologies.

  • Ensure business and IT alignment with regulatory compliance and data privacy
  • Improve developer and operations efficiency with a single platform
  • Future-proof your technology investments with application portability
  • Reduce operational and overall costs throughout the application lifecycle

Business leaders and C-level get reduced costs and increased speed to market

Get started in 3 easy steps

Install AppScaleInstall AppScale

Install AppScale

Run AppScale serverless platform on one node or hundreds. Easily set up on Azure, GCE, AWS, Docker, Vagrant, or from Source.

Write your appWrite your app

Write your app

Write your application in Python, Java, Go, or PHP. Point AppScale at your code and we’ll take care of the rest.

Run your appRun your app

Run your app

AppScale will automatically scale your application and manage load balancers for incoming and internal traffic.