Value Propositions

For Product Managers

For Product Managers

Staying ahead of your product needs is your job. Having the answers before your customer asks the question is critical. AppScale is a PM’s assistant. It facilitates software and feature integration, it helps a PM manage risk effectively, and it automates many of the PM responsibilities. Given intensive time to market pressures, PM must also be agile and adaptive to be successful.

AppScale is an integral part of your plan.

For C-Level/Business Managers

Charting the course, always thinking around the corner is your job. Utilizing insightful business intelligence is the key to staying ahead of the competition. This is where AppScale can make all the difference. Concept to Prototype, to production in half the time and at a fraction of the cost. This is why we are in business.

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For C-Level

For Devs

For Developers

Creative problem solving is where you shine. Implementing the latest cool tool and adding it to your quiver is key to your success. With AppScale you can really stress test your GAE application with real data – not simulated. You can run your application outside of Google’s infrastructure, and integrate critical third party software your application/product requires. Our versatile platform is key to quick prototyping, real testing, and going production with deployment flexibility.

Why write code that has already been written? Try the best shortcut out there.

For Partners

Expanding your network of innovative partners is your challenge. Partnering with companies that have production customers working on real issues today is key. AppScale brings a unique value to Google App Engine Partners as we expand the options for growth to enterprise clients through our open source platform.

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For Partners