Upgrade AppScale


Upgrading AppScale to the latest version, is as easy as running

$ appscale upgrade

The command will stop the current deployment, download the new release of AppScale and AppScale tools, then proceed with the upgrade. The procedure will upgrade all nodes in the deployment, as well as make sure the datastore is current with the latest format.

The upgrade procedure updates the OS at the same time, to ensure all security patches are applied (reboot may be suggested if new kernels are deployed).

Manual Upgrades

If manual upgrades are desired (for example in dev environment), there are two different procedures. Either upgrade procedure will need to be executed on each node in the AppScale deployment.

Bootstrap Download the latest version of the bootstrap script then run it with

wget -O bootstrap.sh https://bootstrap.appscale.com && bash ./bootstrap.sh

Source Upgrade Update the AppScale and AppScale Tools source code. On each repo (usually they are in /root/appscale and /root/appscale-tools) do a

git pull origin master

Both AppScale and AppScale Tools will need to be built with

bash debian/appscale_build.sh

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