Supported APIs & Services

Find a detailed list of supported core AWS APIs and Services

If you are familiar with AppScale's history, the references you will find to Eucalyptus won't come as a surprise. It explains our strong support for AWS API and Services, as well as our super high-fidelity implementation of those APIs. As we continue development of the technology our focus is on architecture, deployment models, and API/Services. As a result you may experience some Eucalyptus deja-vu in command names, or documentation.

Below you'll find an overview of currently supported AWS API and Services which are grouped by area of service (example: Compute) for simplicity.  Furthermore we've added an In Development section to give a brief overview of new capabilities in development as they are released in technical preview or become available in an upcoming release.

Finally, we have a section called Services via CF (Cloud Formation) templates which may require some additional explanation. As the number of available AWS APIs and Services is growing, their implementation is based on the core APIs (EC2, IAM, EBS, ELB,...), and there may be an alternative implementation of the same service. For example, CF templates of Kubernetes are very popular right now (example: Rancher), and they are outpacing EKS and ECS. While we can speculate why this might be the case (multi-cloud, independence, easier to use,...), this signify that the below list is highly incomplete, since a lot more services can be used today with AppScale.




API or Service name
EC2: Elastic Compute Cloud Virtual machine management
Auto Scaling Automatic scale-up and scale-down of virtual machines, based on performance thresholds
EBS: Elastic Block Storage Block storage for instances
S3: Simple Storage Service Object storage
Networking & messaging

EC2 Classic

Networking & messaging
VPC: Virtual Private Cloud Current, more complex AWS network abstractions
ELB: Elastic Load Balancer Elastic Load Balancer managed by the cloud
Route 53 DNS [in tech preview]
SQS: Simple Queue Service Message queueing [in tech preview]
IAM: Identity and Access Management Identity and Access Management, including the Simple Token Service (STS)
CloudWatch Cloud-wide monitoring service for collecting metrics and reacting
CloudFormation Declarative language for describing and provisioning cloud resources of applications
In Development
SWF: Simple Workflow Service Work sequencing Service
RDS: Relational DB Service Managed MySQL, PostgreSQL
EMR: Elastic MapReduce Big-data parallel processing framework
Elasticache Managed Redis and Memcached
SNS: Simple Notification Service Pub/sub messaging and mobile notifications
Services via CF templates
Kubernetes Rancher, k3s
Elasticache Custom CF templates
ATS Console Easy to use GUI that works with both ATS and AWS