Understand the various use cases where AppScale’s serverless platform excels. From cloud migration to rapid app development, AppScale helps you save time and resources.

Run GAE Apps in China

The Chinese market represents an ever-growing, and largely untapped, opportunity for companies around the world. Breaking into the Chinese market with an application, whether it’s a mobile game, consumer app, or productivity tool, can be both technically and logistically challenging.

Google App Engine (GAE) is inaccessible from within mainland China, and this poses a particular challenge for companies trying to find workaround solutions to improve reliability, accessibility, and latency for application users within China.

AppScale enables users to run applications built for GAE in a public cloud inside China, such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, or Tencent Cloud without the need to modify or rewrite code, while providing the automatic scaling required to deliver performance and availability.


Migrate your GAE app quickly and
cost-effectively without code rewrites

Maintain a single code base for your
app globally in every region

Open up new access to a previously
unavailable market

Migrate GAE Apps Between Clouds

There are numerous reasons why a company would want to migrate an application to a new public cloud, including performance, reliability, or cost issues. Migrating an app built for one cloud to an entirely different infrastructure can be time consuming and expensive, which is why most companies view migration as a last resort.

However, AppScale, can provide application portability to enable migration between clouds. For applications written for Google App Engine, no code rewrites are usually necessary. The app can be deployed and run on any public cloud, including AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, or Alibaba Cloud. For applications not originally written for GAE, App Engine’s dev environment makes it very easy to rapidly build future-proof applications that can deploy and run on any cloud.


Standardize on a single development
platform to increase speed-to-market

Increase cost savings without needing
to rewrite your application

Implement a cross-cloud back-up and
recovery strategy

Bring GAE Apps On-prem

While the benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service are well known, there are several situations where a public cloud isn’t the right solution. Whether it’s regulatory compliance, data privacy, or cost reasons, many companies would like to keep their data local to their own infrastructure or data center.

AppScale provides a portable serverless platform for App Engine applications to be brought on-premises with no modifications to the code. AppScale can auto-scale within private cloud systems such as Eucalyptus and Open Stack, enabling shared use with other cloud workloads, including Kubernetes.


Reduce cloud costs for apps that meet
an on-premises use case

Bring cloud-native apps on-premises
without needing to modify your code

Meet security, privacy, and regulatory
compliance requirements

Get started in 3 easy steps

Install AppScaleInstall AppScale

Install AppScale

Run AppScale serverless platform on one node or hundreds. Easily set up on Azure, GCE, AWS, Docker, Vagrant, or from Source.

Write your appWrite your app

Write your app

Write your application in Python, Java, Go, or PHP. Point AppScale at your code and we’ll take care of the rest.

Run your appRun your app

Run your app

AppScale will automatically scale your application and manage load balancers for incoming and internal traffic.