A Better AWS Hybrid Cloud:
Thinking Beyond Outposts

How AppScale Gives You the Best
of AWS, without the Drawbacks

Completing Your AppScale Adoption:
Cost, Performance & Scalability

“AppScale is light years ahead of the competition.”

John Gallucci
Director of IT
BAE Defense Systems


Keep Your AWS –
and Save up to 70%.

Own Your Own Independent AWS Hybrid Cloud

Not all workloads belong on AWS.

AppScale is high-fidelity AWS emulation software. It’s meant to complement – not replace – AWS.  AppScale runs dev, test, and core API’s at up to 70% cost savings.  It looks, feels, and acts just like AWS. It’s accessible via AWS’ Command Line Interface (CLI).  AppScale appears as any other region inside AWS.

We have a unique story.  Find out why Business Insider called the acquisition of our emulation technology "a brilliant move against Amazon." From a core tech perspective, you’ll gain far greater control, avoid vendor lock-in, and air-gap with ease. We offer 100% price transparency. No metered fees.

One monthly price. AWS interoperability. No egress fees.

AppScale is hot AWS emulation technology – try our No-Cost Trial.


AppScale's Disruptive "Silicon Valley Story" is Uniting the C-suite with the Tech Beat

AppScale has spent the better part of a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars to become an "overnight success" with its high fidelity AWS emulation software.  AppScale is ideal for any enterprise that wants to achieve what appear to be competing goals: significantly reduce AWS spend, avoiding vendor lock-in but without leaving AWS(!), avoiding egress fees, protecting the ownership of one’s own data... freeing up budget to customize the best hybrid cloud for your company.


Some clients save millions of dollars annually just by migrating dev/test to AppScale!
Save up to 70% on AWS and build a far more sophisticated hybrid cloud.