AppScale on Google Cloud Launcher

Select AppScale from the Google Cloud Launcher console and click Launch on Compute Engine

AppScale on Google Cloud Launcher

Deploy AppScale

1. Choose a name for your AppScale instance
2. Choose a machine type with at least 6GB of RAM; AppScale charges you only based on the number of cores
3. Click Deploy
Launch on Compute Engine 4. See it run! Save the Admin URL, user and password for the next steps.
Launch on Compute Engine

See the demo app

This is a good time to get a coffee; your new deployment will be ready in about 5 minutes. When ready, you can reach the App Engine demo application running on your fresh deployment at https://{public-instance-ip}.

Demo app

Visit the AppScale Dashboard

You can visit the AppScale Dashboard at the Admin URL, https://{public-instance-ip}:1443.
Your AppScale deployment comes with a self-signed certificate. If you see a warning, click on Advanced and then Proceed to open your Dashboard page.

Security Warning

Did you know that you can use your own certificate with AppScale? Click here for more information.

Log in with the username/password from above. Monitor your deployment and deploy your application(s) via the AppScale Dashboard.

AppScale Dashboard

Or return to AppScale Docs, if this is not what you were looking for…