AppScale Customer Support

Welcome to AppScale Customer Success. There have different options at your disposal to interact with us: you can do so via our Ticketing
Systems, Email, Chat, and Phone hotline. Depending on your level of support, you will have access to some or all of these options.

Ticketing System

Our ticketing system, based on Redmine, is the primary method of communication between customers and AppScale engineers. We have instructions on how to file tickets for those who are not familiar with Redmine. You can add yourself or others as watchers in order to follow progress on Redmine tickets. If you are using one of our marketplace images, please make sure to specify which marketplace image you are using when filing tickets.

Customers with contracts will see their own project in Redmine. Information specific to customer’s deployment, such as instructions for reaching the deployment or for uploading files to us, will be found there, on the project’s landing page. Tickets and any communication within the project will be private by default. We routinely review outstanding tickets and change statuses according to your priorities.

Phone Hotline

Top-tier customers can reach AppScale 24×7 on the hotline number listed on their project page in Redmine. That number is strictly for notifications about ‘Critical’ (Level-1) problems with production deployments. Once we know you have a serious problem, we will establish a communication channel and continue the conversation there.

Community Access

AppScale support and engineering will do their best to help our community users. You can find us on IRC, ask in our forum, or file tickets. See the community page for more information.