NGIS is a global leader in GIS solutions, providing advanced mapping and services to companies and organizations around the world. NGIS’s vision is to bring a consumer mapping experience to the enterprise – to truly work the way people around the world live with digital maps.

Customers include Rio Tinto, Shell and Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Food. The engineering team at NGIS uses Google App Engine for building and deploying Python applications, as well as Microsoft Azure for writing .NET applications.

About AppScale

AppScale Systems, Inc. develops and supports AppScale, the world’s leading open source rapid development model for building scalable web and mobile applications. AppScale gives you the freedom to run your Google App Engine applications across all public and private clouds or on your own virtual or physical infrastructure. Learn more at

NGIS uses AppScale to run their applications in a AWS datacenter

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The Challenge

With offices in Australia and enterprise customers around the world, NGIS needed a solution that could provide top performance for their users in Australia and Asia. While Google App Engine worked great for their customers in the US and Europe, The team at NGIS began exploring options for ensuring greater performance for specific applications.

The main requirements for NGIS were:

  1. PaaS (Application) Development model needed to be quick and easy
  2. Deployment within an Australia or Asia datacenter
  3. Free from infrastructure lock in
  4. Minimal operations involved with maintaining the application
Why AppScale

The team at NGIS wanted a solution that wouldn’t tie up their engineers for a long time.They were also familiar with the App Engine development model and didn’t want to choose a solution that would make them learn and maintain an entire new stack of technologies.

After some initial searching, Joy Miles, Senior Analyst – Programmer at NGIS, came across AppScale’s open source platform and was impressed with how easy it was to get started.

“I was able to get started with AppScale in one click with the FastStart in the EC2 marketplace,” explains Joy. “The team at AppScale Systems was also very helpful when it came the configuring more ‘advanced’ features in AppScale, such as setting up the SSL certificate.”

When Joy and her team were able to deploy their Google App Engine application on AppScale that same day, they knew they had found their solution.

The Benefits

AppScale allowed NGIS to move their application, unmodified, into an AWS datacenter in Sydney, solving their performance issues and keeping their engineering team free to work on new products and customer solutions.

The first application is currently running in production on AppScale, to great success. According to Joy, “AppScale in AWS has been cheaper and faster than both Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure, and has thrown significantly less errors than Google App Engine.”

The team at NGIS can also rest assured, knowing that their application remains portable should they ever need to deploy their application on different infrastructure.