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“AppScale is the perfect solution for SaaS providers who want to offer on-premise deployment of their product.”
– Geert Audenaert | CEO


  • Rogerthat is an mobile platform that provides many services within one app
  • Mobicage uses AppScale to allow them to deploy their app on private infrastructure
  • AppScale keeps the Roger

About Mobicage

Mobicage develops and maintains Rogerthat, the leading platform for automating communication between organizations and people, using rich, interactive messages on a smartphone or on a PC.

About AppScale

AppScale Systems is an open source implementation Google
App Engine, the most popular application development platform in the world. With AppScale, developers can rapidly prototype and create apps, all while having the freedom to run them wherever makes most sense for a business.

Mobicage Uses AppScale to Offer On-Premise Deployment of Their Enterprise SaaS Product, Rogerthat

Mobicage built their innovative SaaS product, Rogerthat, to provide the enterprise with a simple, drag and drop platform for building company-branded mobile applications. By offering a number of pre-built application solutions, Rogerthat allows companies like Hyundai, the ability to manage and receive customer feedback and facilitate employee communication using their personal mobile devices. Mobicage built their award-winning Rogerthat SaaS on Google App Engine and uses AppScale to create their “Enterprise Edition” which can run their SaaS on-premise without any code modification.

“Enterprise edition” Private Deployment

Mobicage chose to build Rogerthat on Google App Engine because it’s API-driven rapid development model provided the ease of use, quick MVP’s, auto-scaling and no-ops environment that were deemed critical necessities. Of the PaaS options available, only the Google App Engine / AppScale model fulfilled these requirements. But some customers require that these mission critical applications run on-premise or on a specific public cloud; sometimes this is for regulatory reasons in the case of data residency but it can also be because of privacy, security, geolocation, performance or cost. It is for these reasons that Mobicage leverages AppScale.

AppScale is open source Google App Engine. This means that applications built on Google App Engine can now run in any cloud; AWS, GCE, Azure, Alibaba, SoftLayer, Tencent or on-premise without any modification to the application. This allows developers to standardize on the App Engine development model that they love, yet run on any infrastructure that is right for their business. With AppScale, there is no cloud lock-in; you have the freedom to choose where to deploy your application(s).

geert audenaert“AppScale allows us to sell our Google App Engine-built SaaS product, Rogerthat, to customers that require a private deployment. This opens our product to new customers and markets who are concerned about data privacy or who want to run on their existing infrastructure. AppScale allowed us to create an “Enterprise Edition” of our SaaS and a establish a new revenue stream for Mobicage. We now have two products: Rogerthat on Google and Rogerthat on AppScale for on-premise deployments.”

Geert Audenaert | Founder and CEO, Mobicage

Planning for the Future

AppScale plays a crucial role in Mobicage’s enterprise expansion, because it allows them to tap into a new customer base (large enterprise companies that demand on-premise deployments) that would previously have been inaccessible due to Rogerthat being built on GAE. At the same time, companies like Hyundai gain peace of mind knowing that they can move their application (on-premise, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid) at any time. “AppScale is the perfect solution for App Engine applications when it comes to flexibility and portability,” says Geert.