“AppScale gives us all of that flexibility, without having to change our code at all.”
– Larry Toole | CTO


  • Incentivate Health’s technology and incentive strategy can easily be adopted by health insurance plans.
  • Incentivate Health uses AppScale to allow them to deploy on Microsoft Azure.
  • Incentivate Health has expanded its HIPAA-compliant options.

About Incentivate Health

Incentivate Health is a software development company focused on developing innovative solutions to improve healthcare delivery. Our focus is on leveraging unique incentives to promote the adoption of healthy behaviors among populations most vulnerable to chronic disease and economic hardship.

About AppScale

AppScale Systems is an open source implementation Google App Engine, the most popular application development platform in the world. With AppScale, developers can rapidly prototype and create apps, all while having the freedom to run them wherever makes most sense for a business.

Incentivate Health Puts Multi-Cloud AppScale to Work in Azure

For healthcare companies, maintaining the wellbeing of their customers is just good business. Encouraging those they insure to exercise more, to remember their asthma inhaler, and take their medication on time can literally have an effect on the bottom line. Incentive Health realized this possibility in 2015, when the company’s three co-founders began building the infrastructure for a business to do just that.

The core application that drives Incentivate Health was completed in 6 months thanks to Google App Engine’s API-driven development model. This model allows for the quick and easy development of minimum viable products (MVPs) and has powered some of the world’s most popular applications, including Snapchat, Pokemon Go, Khan Academy and Angry Birds.

HIPAA compliance opens doors

But App Engine has its limitations, primarily it’s tied very heavily into a single cloud: Google’s. The world of enterprise healthcare companies also use Microsoft, Amazon, and on-premise clouds and associated services and solutions to meet HIPAA requirements. This limitation led to a narrowing of the potential customer-base for Incentivate. For a company less than 2 years old, that was a major problem.

In order to expand opportunities, Incentivate engaged AppScale to help migrate its Google App Engine application to another public cloud platform. The initial goal was to bring Incentivate to the Microsoft Azure cloud with its diverse ecosystem of healthcare services and support products, including HIPAA-compliance add-on solutions.

That existing ecosystem has been carefully grown by Microsoft’s internal team, and bringing Incentivate’s product into that same environment opened up a new world of engagements, partnerships, and even sales opportunities. Additionally, the very act of moving their application with AppScale enabled Incentivate to then move to any cloud, public or private.

The migration from App Engine to Azure took only a matter of weeks to get up and running, said Toole. He also said that the configuration of the end deployment platform was a simple affair, thanks to AppScale’s experienced and capable technical services.

Larry-Toole-circle“Our customers are primarily healthcare organizations, such as health insurance companies or self-insured plans employers have, and some of them may have a preference for a different public cloud other than Google. AppScale gives us all of that flexibility, without having to change our code at all. We immediately can run our application in a cloud other than Google. We’re not totally tied to Google, so that’s a real positive,” said Toole.

Planning for the future

With AppScale, Incentivate was able to choose the best of breed benefits of the major cloud providers, and migrate to them as those benefits were needed. When the company was starting up and velocity mattered most, Google App Engine provided the agility to go to market with a small technical team and short ramp. When the time came to market to HIPAA compliant companies, a migration to Azure through AppScale solved the problem quickly. And as an added bonus, now when a customer asks for an on-premise solution, Incentivate can provide that as well.

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