“AppScale is the perfect solution for App Engine applications when it comes to cloud backup and application migration.”
– Adam Sah | CEO


  • Buyer’s Best Friend is an e-commerce app built on Google App Engine
  • BBF used AppScale to allow them to run the app on any other cloud
  • AppScale also set up remote backup of the BBF app and data

About Buyer’s Best Friend

Buyer’s Best Friend (BBF) is the leading source for innovative specialty and artisan products, starting in food. With over 155,000 products, BBF is the easiest way to buy and sell specialty products. BBF snacks are enjoyed by 100s of the top technology company offices.

About AppScale

AppScale Systems, Inc. develops and supports AppScale, the world’s leading open source rapid development model for building scalable web and mobile applications. AppScale gives you the freedom to run your App Engine application across all public and private clouds or on your own virtual or physical infrastructure.

Buyer’s Best Friend Uses AppScale to Provide Portability and Disaster Recovery for Their Application

When ex-Googler Adam Sah and food visionary Joyce Guan set out to build an e-commerce site for artisan food producers, they wanted a platform that would enable rapid development and make it as easy as possible to build, deploy and run their application. They needed a platform that would manage the resource for them, as well as auto-scale the application as needed. They chose to build their site, Buyer’s Best Friend, on Google App Engine, and turned to AppScale to provide hot backup and portability for the application.

The Growth Factor

Upon launch, Buyer’s Best Friend (BBF) grew extremely quickly, scaling up to 15,000 business accounts and over 155,000 products. With their growth came increased expectation from their customers regarding performance, uptime, data backup and more. As with any company, BBF’s success also came with a host of new issues, including public cloud costs, ensuring the availability of a hot backup, and managing the application — development, staging, production, and retirement. BBF needed a more robust cloud strategy and turned to AppScale.


With a small engineering team, efficiency was a major priority at BBF. The new cloud strategy needed to follow the same simplicity and rapid development cycle in use, thus it needed to have minimal or no impact on the current processes or resources. BBF worked with the team at AppScale to set up automated backup and recovery of their application and data, and AppScale allowed BBF to enforce their backup policies, with no impact on their development process, and minimal use of resources.

“With AppScale, we regain control over where our applications are executed and where our data is stored without ever changing our code. This gives us a competitive edge because we can move our applications/data to different clouds as the need arises.”

Adam Sah | Founder and CEO, Buyer’s Best Friend

E-Commerce Solutions

AppScale provided BBF with two important cloud solutions. The first was hot backup of the BBF application and it’s data. By implementing a remote backup system, BBF never has to worry about a business-halting disaster. Even if Google App Engine were to go down or lose BBF’s application and data, BBF would be able to run their application with the most recent data in another cloud. The second solution was to provide application agility. As much as Adam and the team at BBF loved the App Engine development model, they wanted to make sure that they were not locked in to a single cloud provider. They wanted to be able to chose their cloud based on business decisions, not based on technical restrictions. For example, Google could deprecate a key feature that BBF depends on- with AppScale, they can run the old version until they’re ready to upgrade. With AppScale, BBF’s application can also run in any other public or private cloud at any time, providing the ultimate in application flexibility. “AppScale is the perfect solution for App Engine applications when it comes to cloud backup and application migration,” says Adam.


E-commerce companies know that their application is the core of their business and that it’s performance and reliability are key success drivers. Having a plan in place for backup and agility is crucial for mitigating risk and ensuring uptime. Buyer’s Best Friend is currently running in Google App Engine with regular remote backups. Should they ever want to change where their app runs (for cost, data privacy or other reasons), they will be able to move it with very little effort, allowing them to focus on what they love- providing artisan food vendors and buyers with a wonderful user experience.