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Welcome to our Cloud Cost Calculator!
Calculate the cost of your Google App Engine application on the five biggest clouds*, in three steps.

Step 1: Input the replication desired for your application.
Step 2: ‘Datastore Read Ops’, ‘Datastore Entity Writes’, ‘Datastore Storage’; copy paste these inputs from your GAE bill.
Step 3: Requests per Second; From the GAE dashboard, observe the highest peak re: request / sec and input that value in the calculator.

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As cloud experts we help our customers in choosing the right infrastructure for their application. To help you with your research, we created the Cloud Cost Calculator. AppScale’s free tool could save customers millions of dollars by understanding the dynamics of the workload as well as which public cloud would serve them best.
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*The estimated costs provided by the AppScale Cloud Cost Calculator are for discussion purposes only and are not binding. The actual costs may be higher or lower than the estimate.