Leverage Google’s cloud infrastructure anywhere

Maximize your investment in GCP, even outside of Google’s infrastructure.
With AppScale GTS, you can use the same Google Cloud services in China, for Edge/IoT, or on premises.


AppScale GTS Overview

If you’ve embraced GCP services but are running into limitations, your choices are limited: switch to a different provider or develop home-grown alternatives. AppScale GTS can automatically replicate your GCP environment outside Google.

  • Seamless: Use the same GCP services you already know in a new environment without rewriting any code

  • Cost-effective: Leverage your existing Google investment to run applications in new regions or on different infrastructure

AppScale GTS uses the same Google Cloud APIs you already use

Key capabilities:

  • High-fidelity implementation of GAE runtime

  • Persistence APIs for Datastore, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage

  • Messaging APIs for PubSub and Cloud Tasks

  • Load-balancing and auto-scaling for dynamic apps

  • Complementary to GKE On-Prem

AppScale GTS Architecture Overview


Existing applications can be migrated without modifications
Provide local GCP-like development environment
Kubernetes workloads can selectively tap into core GCP services

AppScale GTS enables multiple use cases for GCP workloads and applications

Move GAE Standard applications to your own infrastructure to:

  • Leverage existing underutilized resources

  • Better control and cost management

  • Meet data privacy/regulatory compliance

  • Better optimize application performance

Move GAE Standard applications to a different public cloud to:

  • Strategically align with a new provider

  • Overcome geographic limitations

  • Shop for the most competitive prices

AppScale GTS is open source

Install AppScale

Try AppScale GTS with a
FastStart install

wget -O bootstrap.sh https://bootstrap.appscale.com && bash ./bootstrap.sh
bash appscale/scripts/fast-start.sh --no-demo-app
(As root on Ubuntu Xenial)
Write your app

Check out the source code on Github

Run your app

Chat with us on IRC or ask questions on Community Forum

AppScale GTS is the only product for automated GCP replication



Incorporates a high-fidelity implementation of core GCP services



Runs on any public cloud or on private infrastructure



Enables serverless and
containerized workloads



Provides rapid migration with higher-level services

Learn how to replicate your GCP environment outside of Google