Enable an AWS hybrid cloud strategy

AppScale has developed the highest fidelity implementation of the AWS APIs proven at scale.
With AppScale ATS, you can easily migrate your AWS workloads or implement a hybrid cloud deployment.


AppScale ATS Overview

If you’ve wanted to migrate your AWS workloads elsewhere due to competitive or strategic reasons, you have most likely faced costly and time-consuming migration efforts. AppScale ATS migrates you off AWS quickly.

  • Cost-effective: Provide positive ROI on the migration vs. one-off labor-intensive projects

  • Seamless: No need to rewrite code or retrain developers or ops teams

  • Quick: Migrate AWS workloads and be up and running in days, not months

AppScale ATS leverages the same AWS APIs you already know

Key Features:

  • High-fidelity implementation of AWS APIs

  • Automated migration through native API translation

  • Run via service providers or on premise

  • Load-balancing and auto-scaling for dynamic workloads

  • Declarative resource specification via CloudFormation

  • AWS-compatible Web console

  • Full IAM compatibility

AppScale ATS Architecture Overview


Run AWS-native workloads under your control

Automate AWS migration, avoid one-off efforts

Optimize infrastructure costs and performance

Deploy cloud-native workloads at the edge

Utilize AWS ecosystem tools in any environment

AppScale ATS supports migration to any public cloud as well as hybrid cloud deployments with AWS

Run your AWS workloads with a service provider

  • Avoid subsidizing a direct competitor

  • Shop for the most competitive prices

  • Increase business/partnership alignment

  • Enable multi-cloud solutions

Migrate and run your AWS workloads on premises

  • Leverage existing underutilized resources

  • Minimize cost of steady-state workloads

  • Meet requirements for edge computing

Implement hybrid cloud deployments with AWS

  • Test/dev on prem, production on AWS

  • Test/dev on AWS, Edge/IoT via AppScale

AppScale ATS is fully open source

Install AppScale ATS

Try AppScale ATS with a
FastStart install

bash <(curl -Ls https://eucalyptus.cloud/install)
(As root, on a CentOS 7.x minimal install with a few IP addresses to spare.)
AppScale ATS Source Code

Check out the source code on Github

AppScale ATS Chat

Chat with us on IRC or ask questions on Stack Overflow

AppScale ATS is the only product for automated AWS migration



Incorporates a high-fidelity implementation of AWS APIs designed from scratch to mimic Amazon’s cloud



Enables migration of complex workloads to private infrastructure without the need for extensive modifications



In production at large-scale enterprise deployments with over 300k cores in use over several years

Leverage the only independent and compatible AWS hybrid cloud with Appscale