AppScale and Application Management

AppScale Tools

AppScale is equipped with a suite of tools, called AppScale Tools, to help you manage not only the applications you deploy on it but also the platform itself.
All AppScale-ready images come with the AppScale Tools installed on them. You can also install the AppScale Tools on your Linux or Mac machine as described in the FAQ.

Read about what you can do with AppScale Tools below.

Managing the AppScale platform

Starting AppScale

In order to start AppScale you need an AppScalefile with the initial configuration of your deployment.
Go in the directory where your AppScalefile is and start AppScale with:
appscale up

Getting AppScale’s status

See a brief status of your AppScale deployment and applications running on it with:
appscale status

Logging into AppScale

Log into your AppScale deployment’s master node with:
appscale ssh

Collecting AppScale logs

Gather AppScale’s logs to take a closer look at what’s happening with your app and the platform with:
appscale logs /path/to/output/directory

Upgrading AppScale

Upgrade AppScale to the latest stable version with:
appscale upgrade

Stopping AppScale

Stop AppScale but leave all the resources running. An administrator can login into the deployment using appscale ssh:
appscale down

Stop an AppScale deployment and terminate (free) all of the associated cloud resources.
appscale down --terminate

Cleaning AppScale

Stop an AppScale deployment and remove all persistent data (Warning: this deletes all data in the datastore).
appscale down --clean

Note: This operation is irreversible.

Managing your application

Deploying an application

Once you have AppScale running, you can deploy your application on it with:
appscale deploy /path/to/your/application


  • For Python applications, provide the top application directory containing the app.yaml.
  • For Java applications, provide the directory with the compiled app.


Relocating an application

Adjust the HTTP and HTTPS ports you want your application to serve on with:
appscale relocate app-id http-port-number https-port-number

Note: You might want to use ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) for your main application.

Removing an application

Completely remove your application from AppScale with:
appscale remove app-id

Got any questions about AppScale and AppScale Tools?
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