Cost Savings, AWS Independence, and Control

Whether you’re a service provider or corporate end-user, AppScale opens up a world of opportunity.

Colo / Service Providers

Drive revenue growth and expand margins: with AppScale as your new product, you’ll be offering a time-tested solution that Business Insider called “brilliant.”

  • Independent yet compatible, AppScale avoids AWS lock-in
  • The right product at the right time: reduce end-users’ AWS bills 30-60%
  • Empower your customers with improved data privacy, security, gravity, and legal compliance
  • Expand your customer base: tap into AppScale’s comprehensive “revenue growth” program
  • Fully managed solution: AppScale offers pre-installed racks for a low risk/fast start
  • First-mover advantage: ask about private labeling, co-branding, and our turn-key service

Bare Metal Provider

Enable on-demand workloads at a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): empower cost reduction.

  • Create an AWS region in minutes: manage AppScale from Amazon’s Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Innovate as a Bare Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) provider: and expand your footprint to AWS customers and workloads
  • First-mover advantage: leverage your customer’s previous investments in AWS talent and technology by offering a low-cost alternative
  • Digital transformation: deliver improved data residency, adaptability, and workload placement control

Partner Solution Case Study
"AppScale and Packet announce a partnership to enable on-demand deployment of AWS workloads on Packet's bare-metal infrastructure".

Managed Service Provider

Tactically drive revenue growth and increase margins: offering AppScale delivers some serious technical advantages.

  • Offer custom/on-premise AWS “look-alike” regions at 30-60% lower end-user cost
  • Deliver air-gapped solutions with ease
  • Enable better hybrid cloud designs: optimize workloads between AWS and the AppScale private cloud
  • Seriously improve data privacy, security, gravity, and legal compliance
  • Ask about AppScale’s co-marketing “revenue growth” program

Corporate End-User

Keep your AWS – and save 30-60% too: AppScale helps end-users reduce costs, leverage past investments and expertises in AWS while gaining more workload placement control and compliance.

  • Reduce AWS costs: save 30-60%
  • Low-risk start: migrate Dev/Test environments, or core API’s
  • Avoid vendor lock-in: Keep AWS for on-demand/high volume APIs
  • Manage AppScale as any other AWS region (via AWS’ Command Line Interface)
  • Advance your career: channel cost savings to digital transformation
  • Significantly boost privacy, security, gravity and legal compliance
  • Quickly and cost-effectively create new deployment venues, air-gap with ease.

Is your AWS workload  ready for AppScale? 

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