Welcome to AppScale 2.0!

We are happy to announce the release of AppScale 2.0! The theme for this release is better, stronger, faster, and the bump in the major number reflects the depth of the changes. Like all major releases, a reload of the application and the data will need to occur, so please take a backup before upgrading to 2.0.

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Highlights of 2.0 Features/Bug Fixes:

  • Better error messages for AppScale tools
  • Moved to package installation of most installed software (faster build)
  • Cleanup of instances on "appscale down"
  • Ability to support more dynamic code layout of Java applications
  • Upgraded Cassandra to 2.0.7
  • Use ntp service for clock sync
  • Have AppScale catch when there are not enough resources on start
  • Using openjdk instead of Oracle's JVM
  • Fixed issue where monit thought ZooKeeper was not running
  • Made build process more resilient
  • Dead code elimination
  • Wheezy support
  • Updated bootstrap script
  • Batching for datastore queries (better memory management and stability)
  • Support for list composite indexes
  • Support for distinct queries
  • Projection queries no longer fetch from the entity table (faster queries)
  • ZigZag Merge Join optimization
  • Taskqueue statistics now reports number of tasks pending in a queue
  • Fixed critical bug where a failed slave node would come up as master
  • Fixed critical bug with nginx failing to be reloaded
  • Experimental OpenStack agent (auto scaling)

Margaret Van SicklenAppScale 2.0