Why AppScale?

AppScale is modeled after the wildly popular and easy to use Google App Engine; the platform allows developers to focus on the business logic of their application and not the labor-intensive backend programming. Our versatile platform is key to quick prototyping, real testing, and production with deployment flexibility. AppScale automatically deploys and automatically scales any Google App Engine application without modification.

Case Studies

Chinese Accessibility

China Accessibility

A global Fortune 1000 retailer uses AppScale to seamlessly run their international supply chain app (built on GAE) in China.

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Cost & Scalability

Cost and Scalability

A SaaS provider with over 20 million users showed they could cut their GAE bill in half by moving to AppScale running in GCE.

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China Deployment

China Deployment

An international mobile Point of Sales solution (built on GAE) expands their market with Microsoft Azure Beijing. New market, same code.

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Private Hybrid Deployment

Private Hybrid Deployment

An enterprise SaaS company uses AppScale to deploy its GAE mobile app platform for customers on-premises.

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Quick prototyping and real testing

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Being agile and adaptive

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