Try AppScale in Three Steps

Run the same AppScale serverless platform on one node for dev/test or hundreds for production. Easily set up on Azure, GCE, AWS, Docker, Vagrant, or from Source.

Step 1/3: Set up AppScale on your infrastructure

Try AppScale on Azure

Required: A Microsoft Outlook/Azure account. (learn more)

1) Get the latest AppScale image (learn more)

2) Make sure you have a suitable network configured for AppScale. (learn more)

3) Create an Azure instance of the latest AppScale image with at least 4GB of RAM. (e.g. machine type: 2 vCPUs, 7 GB RAM, Standard A3)
(learn more)

4) Log into Azure instance as root. (learn more)

Step 2/3: Start AppScale

These instructions are to setup a Dev/Test environment.

Once you are logged in as root, run the following command:
bash appscale/scripts/ --no-demo-app

Once the process finishes, you will have a fully-functional AppScale Dev/Test deployment ready to run your applications.

Step 3/3: Deploy/Manage Application

AppScale comes with a sample application.
To deploy the sample app, run:
appscale deploy guestbook.tar.gz

To have the app served on the default HTTP and HTTPS ports, run:
appscale relocate guestbook 80 443

To remove the sample app, run:
appscale remove guestbook

That’s it! Follow the same steps to deploy your own application.