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Welcome to AppScale's free Cloud Cost Calculator. This simple tool allows cloud customers to compare the cost of running their application in App Engine to the cost of running in the five top cloud providers; AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, Alibaba Cloud and IBM SoftLayer. To calculate the cost of your application you will need to input, four variables found on any Google App Engine bill plus the desired level of data replication. That's it!

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Initially, we built this calculator to estimate costs for ourselves and our customers. As each cloud provider has a unique set of pricing metrics, comparison across providers was confusing. For example, providers offer different kinds of instance types to choose from which effects cost and performance. To simplify the comparison, the backend of our calculator determines the best instance type for the specific needs of each application. Also, the chart and graph display costs for an on-demand, monthly and yearly subscription levels. Do note that it does not include discounts that providers provide on an individual basis.

AppScale is open source Google App Engine which automatically deploys and scales any Google App Engine application on any cloud without modification. AppScale provides portability to move  proprietary, Google-only applications from cloud to cloud.  There are many factors to consider when choosing a cloud provider and our calculator will help compare cost and performance across the board. As cloud experts we help our customers choose the best infrastructure for their business needs.

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