We’re happy to announce the release of AppScale 1.13.0! After three weeks of development and one week of QA, we’re happy to have fixed the following bugs and added the following major features:

  • Composite queries in the Java AppServer should make use of composite indexes
  • Users should be able to specify an elastic IP address in their AppScalefile for their head node in Amazon EC2
  • Users should be able to specify a static IP address in their AppScalefile for their head node in Google Compute Engine
  • Users should be able to deploy applications written with the Go 1 runtime.
  • Upgrade ZooKeeper to the latest version.

Here’s a quick YouTube video that also summarizes this up!

In addition, we’re also happy to have fixed the following bugs and added the following features:

  • pycassa client should be invoked with a list to all database peers, instead of only one peer
  • Task Queue API calls should not fail on Eucalyptus, on any number of nodes
  • Update Google Compute Engine interface to use v1beta16, since v1beta15 is now deprecated.
  • AppController shouldn’t write an empty file for API status if it didn’t update API status info
  • Apps should be able to detect if they are being accessed via HTTP or HTTPS
  • Users should be able to use a command-line tool to get and set AppController-specific parameters
  • scp flag should rsync over AppServer_Java directory
  • AppScalefile template for cloud should include info about static IPs
  • Python AppServer should not send empty logs to the AppDashboard
  • APIs listed on status page should be displayed in a consistent order
  • Fix JPEG decoder error.
  • Fix broken IaaS Manager unit tests
  • Application redirects from SSL port to non-SSL port, even if the path is set to always encrypted.
  • RabbitMQ should not erase all persisted task queue data on disk when starting up
  • Add button on Dashboard to go to #appscale
  • Using latest version of Celery crashes workers on startup, so use stable version instead
  • SOAP timeouts between AppControllers should not cause AppScale to crash or become unresponsive
  • AppScale Tools should warn the user if they attempt to run AppScale on a machine with not enough memory for Cassandra
  • Use the newest version of boto instead of locking to version 2.6
  • ‘appscale status’ and AppDashboard should not show information about machines from previous runs when elastic IPs are used
  • AppScale should start up fine even if the zookeeper user does not initially own the directory where ZooKeeper stores data
  • AppController should not crash if APIChecker data is malformed
  • Move button to download logs to Log Viewer page, instead of being on Status page
  • Correctly calculate CPU and memory usage from top
  • AppController should not ping the APIChecker every 20 seconds, but instead once every 5 minutes
  • Verify that the loss of a single database peer in an AppScale deployment does not crash AppScale, while other peers still live
  • AppScale should not crash intermittently on EC2 with “Cannot find my nodes in list of nodes” message
  • Downscaling should kill all old dev_appserver processes, and should politely kill dev_appservers before SIGKILL’ing them
  • clear_datastore flag should cause data to be consistently erased on startup on VirtualBox deployments
  • AppScale should start up fine in Amazon EC2 if persistent disks get attached at somewhere other than the requested location
  • The autoscaler should not add AppServers to machines that have more than 90% CPU used
  • Users should be able to tell how many requests per second hit their app when data is received for it
  • Visiting the / URL on the Dashboard should go to the status page, not the landing page.
  • Users should be able to send commands to be executed on AppScale VMs that include redirection characters
  • If a machine is rebooted in an AppScale deployment and its IP address changes, it should not crash when restarting the AppController As usual, we have both the source and public AMI available. Here are some links:

AppScale source code, on GitHub

AppScale Tools source code, on GitHub

A public Amazon EC2 ami, ami-33eac35a for the US East Region.

Links for KVM, VirtualBox, Eucalyptus, and Google Compute Engine images can be found on our Downloads page.

We’ll be doing three weeks of development and one week of QA for AppScale 1.14.0. Here’s a link to our Trello board for 1.14.0, showing what we’ve got slated for that release.

Of course, file any bugs you run into on our AppScale GitHub Issue Tracker and our AppScale Tools GitHub Issue Tracker so that we can prioritize them and address them. You can also find us on #appscale on freenode if you run into problems or the like.

And as always, thanks for using AppScale!